Uncensored moms podcast


a podcast that encourages being unapologetically uncensored every day.

we just happen to be moms, too. 



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Where to begin?

Ep 1: Hello!

Our first episode is a great way to meet us and get an idea of whether or not we'll be best friends. Spoiler: high probability of the affirmative.

Ep 4: Match.mom

Finding mom friends is a bit like dating, yes? Listen as we divulge the good, the bad, and the completely universal experiences we (and probably you) have had. 

Ep 6: Sexpisode, part 1

Everyone likes to talk about sex. OK, OK, maybe everyone likes to hear about sex. And lucky for you, we are willing to give it up. 


What's in a name?

theUMcast is our self-designated nickname for the Uncensored Moms Podcast. A show that we created to encourage ourselves and others to be our fullest selves, every day. We bring you new episodes every Friday, in which we discuss topics and tell the stories that bring us all a little closer. We try our best to be as open and honest about any and everything in an effort to dispel the stigmas, to bend the "rules", and to bridge the divide. After all, aren't we all living the same lives in different bubbles? 

The best part? We're funny. Like, you will actually laugh out loud. We know this because people tell us so. It's a lucky side effect of being unabashedly unfiltered. Nothing is off limits and there is no such thing as TMI.  

So, grab those headphones and become an official member of #theUMclub.  


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The People Have Spoken

Vicki and Michelle are so relatable! You can tell they’re great friends and have a natural chemistry. It sounds like you’re in the conversation with them and they make you want to be their best friend. I don’t have kids and I love all their uncensored discussion! Can’t wait to see how this podcast grows!!
— @karimonster85
I am not a mom but I am uncensored. I could listen to Vicki and Michelle talk all day! Each episode gets better and better!
— @jaimems87
Vicki and Michelle are so relatable. I started reading their blogs about 7 years ago and have always enjoyed how funny they are but also how they aren’t afraid to talk about those times they weren’t perfect; in relationships, as moms, as friends, etc. I also really appreciate that they are both women of color and as a woman of color myself, it’s so nice to listen to other moms who have some of the same experiences as I do. Love, love, love this!
— @empiricallyerin
Listening to this podcast makes me feel like I’m sitting at Happy Hour instead of my desk at work because it sounds just like listening to my girlfriends talk. Super relatable and hilarious. Would definitely recommend.
— @stephginmn
Love theUMcast! I look forward to listening every week. Vicki and Michelle are so funny and I can relate to everything they talk about!! As a new mom it’s nice to hear that I’m not alone. Keep it up girls!!
— @emverdonk
The UMcast has become priority listening. Vicki and Michelle are so funny and relatable. As a new mom it feels really good to hear other moms who have been through it, and express those feelings that are hard to share. As a woman it’s awesome to have two intelligent, clever voices of support for other women. I also really enjoy Hoon Time and favorite things. Do yourself a favor and dip into theUMcast!
— @jami_lynn
These ladies are funny, relatable, and quirky, and I love them. These are the kind of women I’d want to hang out with IRL. This has become my new favorite podcast and I actually look forward to my morning commute now.
— @lsm281
I love that this podcast makes me feel like I’m part of the conversation. You don’t have to be a mom to listen, though it has given me a little insight into some of the things my mom friends go through.
— @marliad
If you’ve been looking for a fun new podcast that is honest and relevant, look no further than the ladies of the UMcast.
These chicks are candid and as real as they come! I feel like I am drinking wine in my living room with close friends...except I am alone in my house vacuuming. But hey, that’s cool too.
— @burmagirl08