Well, hello there. 

Vicki and Michelle here! We're pleased to meet you. 

When we met at work almost 10 years ago, it was practically love at first sight...Michelle's RBF only gave Vicki a respectable one day delay on introducing herself.

We created a podcast to share our life perspective. And that is: We are ALL capable of thinking, feeling, and being ALL the things, at the same time, no less. Perhaps with some jokes thrown in for good measure. 

theUMcast is a space that strives to give everyone permission to be their most authentic selves, to shout it from the rooftops, even when you're shouting about Brazilian bikini waxes and sex on the weekends, knowing they are empowered to be honest and uncensored. We don't do disclaimers. (disclaimer: we're still working on that)

Did you know that you can be many things simultaneously? It's true. You can be thoughtful, curious, honest, and funny, all at the same damn time. We can make fun of our kids and love them so much that it physically hurts. We can enjoy a Cardi B. meme and take our current political situation seriously. We can post a filtered selfie and appreciate our realness, flaws and all. Humans are complex and beautiful. Let us not pigeon-hole anyone.

If you ever have a moment of doubt, we've got your back. We support you. We'll encourage you. We are moms but we're humans first so this podcast is not just for moms or just for women, it's for everyone! It's for you.