Ep 62: Sex, Rugs, and Forever Homes

CHOCOLATE! Are we right?

Baby sex reveal. Baby sex? That doesn’t sound right, but you get it.

Speaking of sex. Let’s talk about having some in an RV, shall we??

Also speaking of sex, rugs? Rugs. Choosing them, buying them, decorating your space with them.

Vicki has a new nickname and look, don’t even say Vicki anymore. We’re all saying Kiki now, ok? Got it? Kiki. K, THANK YOU!

“It’s the Keeks and Mish Show!”

Naming the new baby. Mish is taking suggestions…text her. At all hours of the day. Kiki will be doing just that.

Remember, we talked about a live show? What was that all about?
We have some tips for anyone who just wants to step in, because this is just who we are.

Homeownership! Starter homes, forever homes, all the homes. Let’s talk about resale value and when to make improvements. What are upgrades worth? Perhaps it’s not all about ROI.

Why we do things? What are the rules we’re all following without thinking twice about them? Ya know, real deep life thoughts, let’s discuss.

Real trails of life - let’s all be honest about them. Emotions can run high and we can be a little dramatic sometimes, all of us can, kk? Let’s give each other the space to live in those moments and then know they’ll be fine in the morning. We’re talking to ourselves too, btw.

Partnership! Important note for women: ask. for. help.

You on Netflix 
Becoming by Michelle Obama

...and then there’s a whole bit about preschool.


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