Ep 60: Embrace the Change

“Embrace every day, even if it's a crappy moment. This is not our forever. It’s just a transition, a learning period and that's OK.“

Change is hard, have we said this enough yet? Emotions are spilling over and life in reality is sometimes very different from the life of our expectations. And coming out of change better, different, is worth all the pain.

Tales from the road trip. The app we use to get across the country and find places to sleep for the night is called All Stays. It’s super great.
The sound you hear is a generator. Next time, the rule is find a spot where we don’t have to use that loud beast. My apologies.

Let's take a different kind of road trip down memory lane into Michelle’s home video adventures. Picture this, she’s a detective, she’s 16, she’s got an animal bone. ... And then she’s in the bathtub, with her ex, and Jesus shows up.

Is there something called the holiday blues? Because maybe we have that. Are we alone?

Costco Christmas Trees
Biossance Peptide Eye Cream
Facial Bar with Charcoal and Tea Tree - maybe it’s from Amazon?
LUSH moisturizer called “Imperialis”

All In, 


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