Ep 48: Nothing Really Matters

Anxiety - it hath cometh. 
Depression - nice to see you again. 
Work woes that come and go. 
Making decisions and sticking with them - how hard is it?

Kindergarten feelings are killing Vicki. It’s all too damn much. Doing a deep dive on the experience. Anyone else crying every day this school year??

It’s cool though, she has a solution and it requires an RV and perhaps a road map.

Headspace app was recommended to us recently so let’s all meditate together.

Would you be comfortable acting in a sex scene, totally naked? We both give you our answers.

This leads into whether or not we have body dysmorphia…

Teeny tiny Hoon time.

Nothing really matters, we decide what matters based on our own unique lives. Don’t get it twisted.

Listener questions! 
1. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 9 years and living together for 3 years, I’m ready to get married but he’s still not ready. What do I do?
2. What is the hardest decision you’ve ever had to make?
3. What names do you like for baby girls?

On the topic of gender, can we talk about that? And maybe sexuality? And race? Just for a sec? K, cool.

Also, Michelle may have reconsidered her stance on the bisexual spectrum…

The plight of the family stylist. - When your family has expectations that you were not anticipating.

Going to the library. It’s super cool there y’all. It’s like the library from before, but in the future! 
Voting! So many ways to make sure you are registered and prepared to vote on NOV 6th for the midterms. Everyone votes on the 6th, it’s the coolest. 
Instagram account @homebodysculpt

Oh! And live text comes in - hello caller!

And finally, an inspired message from #jameelajamilofficial on women building up other women, in the patriarchy. - Thanks for this clip, Ali!


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