Ep 51: The One Where We Both Cry

When nothing matters but it also absolutely, 100 percent matters.

Emotions are high, we make mistakes, we apologize. It’s messy sometimes. And, 
“It’s ok to be shitty sometimes.”

An update from a few episodes ago, Michelle went to her aunt’s birthday party and there was a situation.

A fun little shame story from Vicki when she was 19 and knew nothing about nothing and made awful decisions. She’s still mortified but ready to make amends.

Conscience clearing . com - not an actual website that we know of but it should be.

Let’s chat about hangovers.

Vicki went to Louisville and all she got was front row for John Mayer and a UTI.

Michelle hath rediscovered the joy of live music.

Know how some people just cannot pick up on social cues and you just wanna be like, “Hi, can you just stop talking to me now? Thanks!”? Yeah, us too.

November elections are coming! Are you ready? Are you registered? Are you a permanent vote by mail citizen?

What would you do for 25 million dollars?

Powder Dipped Manicures
Maniac with Jonah Hill, Emma Stone, Justin Theroux on Netflix
Ozark on Netflix and perhaps, maybe, just Jason Bateman 
Lenny Kravitz, just as a whole


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