Ep 49: Nobody Loves to Pull Out

Geography is hard, don’t judge.

Church daycare with prayers - worth it for the cheap deal?
Saying “bless you” - do you?

Creepy men in grocery stores and trusting your intuition.

Teaching kids about boundaries with their bodies, instilling that they have the right to decide who touches them and when. No means no is something we’re saying a lot, already.

Michelle’s first glimpse of a penis, in a bus, on the freeway…

Standing up for ourselves.

Sexism is real. It’s everywhere. The sooner we acknowledge it, the sooner we can all work together to fix the mess. We’re guilty of it too.

More thoughts on Nanette and how being insensitive is NOT actually the goal. Being sensitive is actually an asset, kk.

In which Vicki is super annoyed with Dax Shepard’s podcast lately. Grrrr.

Listener Questions!
1. How do you deal with toxic friendships? I’ve ended two and find myself a bit sad. 
2. Sex after baby, it still sucks 18 months later…any tips? Also birth control? Hate the mini pill. 
3. Do you ever resent your husband when you’re stuck at home all day and he’s out at work?
4. Any thoughts on single moms (differences from moms with partners)? 
5. Any thoughts on affairs and the people who have them and why?

Aerie Real Me Full Coverage Unlined Bra - I have the color Confidence
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