Ep 47: Mailbag, Etc.

Why no Hoon? - well, let’s let Michelle tell ya. This is a lesson to put in your pocket for later.

Listener questions commence!

1. Enneagram results - we just took the test for the first time
2. Butt foreplay - are you in? That’s what she said. 
3. What do we wish we had known about being pregnant? So very much. 
4. What do we do for a living? This one had us struggling. 
5. What about dream jobs/pursuits? How do we make them real? Should we be aiming higher? - we added this question on our own. 
6. Cats or dogs? 
7. Favorite 90s TV show?
8. Do you meal plan - how does your family do dinner?
9. Being judgey moms - what are our worst offenses and how should we stop doing it? 
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