Ep 44: Can We Talk About _?

After a recording snafu, we get back on track and immediately ponder... Are we promoting alcoholism with all the “wine o’clock” memes? An instagram account (Laura McKowen) is making Vicki consider just how often we should be perpetuating this mentality.

Are you also getting a ton of random phone numbers calling your phone every day? Because we are. We call one of those numbers back to see what the fuss is all about. Can we really make an extra $10-14k more a month, Coach Christi??

Book vs. Kindle, where do you stand?

Vibrators from Amazon - make sure to read the reviews first! If you don't have time, not to worry, we’re doing it for you. Thoughts on a recurring segment where we read amazon and yelp reviews? We will be accepting name suggestions for this segment. Submit wherever.

UMcast reads is back! We read You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me by Sherman Alexie - mini review ensues along with a depressing turn of events regarding the author. This leads to a discussion on the #metoomovement. Are things black and white, or are they well, grayer?

Intention doesn’t matter, impact does. (tattoo this on your heart)
- Do you agree?

A tiny moment for Macaulay Culkin. You're welcome.

More live show details! Things are coming together #getpumpedclub

Anyone going to Bourbon & Beyond? Let’s meet up, in Kentucky! Srsly.

Speaking of Kentucky, that’s where Michelle got high for the first time. Can we talk about weed for a minute?

Reaching into our Mail Bag and responding to two listener comments!

Etiquette on tattling - leave us out of it, puhlease!

Stats on steroids lately! Thank you for sharing our podcast with your peeps!! We love you.

TWL (Things We're Loving) - Cycle Class and an important instagram follow for EVERYONE, @rachel.cargle


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