Ep 46: Meet Abi & Carrie - Homeschoolers All Grown Up

Bob Jones. Abeka. - Do you recognize these names? If so, this episode is for you! I mean, it’s for everyone because we need to know all the stories! But, you get it.

Today is all about homeschooling! We have two veteran homeschooled ladies in the studio this week to discuss their unique experiences in education at home.

Why did their parents choose to homeschool? How did they like it? Would they do it with their children?

Do they teach sex ed in homeschool? What names were used for your private parts? Is this an irrelevant sidebar? Probably.

We get deep about parenting and breaking free from the things we were taught during childhood, homeschooled or not.

Christian hymns happen.

A special TWL! Our guests offer their recommendations too. 
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OITNB Season 6
Vagina Steaming
Taos Footwear


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