Ep 45: Mothering in Fear, Divorce, & the Timing of Baby Making


How do you feel when making mistakes, do you get embarrassed? Should you? Vicki tells a story about a big one and how she dealt. 
A little tidbit about singing and talent shows - R.E.S.P.E.C.T., rest in power, Aretha! 
Let’s discuss an article! Motherhood in the Age of Fear by Kim Brooks in the NY Times - it's a good one. 
Double standards are everywhere, one that comes up when we discuss this is: Fathers not facing the same level of judgement as mothers do - SO LAME

Instagram Mailbag! Taking all questions! Here they are: 
1. Ready for a baby but the hubby is worried about $$ - what to do?
2. How does having divorced parents impact your life? Thoughts on “staying together for the kids” 
3. When did you decide to try for a baby, I’m about to be 29 and am planning on trying at 30, but I’m terrified at that idea still.

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