Ep 39: Penis on the Weekend

Ok, here we go!

Remember Titanic?? Ahhh, so good. 
Scandalous middle school moments, you remember these, we're sure. 
Atheist - to declare or not to, does it even matter?
Weekends are for penises; masturbation; and other sex topics.
We listened to a Feminist Sex webinar to bring you the deets on what we learned. If it sounds like something you want to learn more about, she’s on instagram @magamamas ! 
Friendships in the Trump era - can they survive the divide? Should they? A real life story about just that, and other related anecdotes. 
And just in case you didn’t put two and two together, “Penis on the Weekend” is just another John Mayer reference for our long-standing catalog. His song is Love on the Weekend though we think that's just a euphemism for our version.

Things We’re Loving:

Instagram account @hereweeread - introduces you to books you can read to your kids that promote diversity and inclusion. Yay!

Felt - an app that helps you send greeting cards easily and with personal touches. Also, yay!


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