Ep 56: Words Mean Things - On Bullying

Let’s start with some adolescent poetry, shall we?

On bullying and the devastating aftermath that can follow.

Michelle made a BIG adult move this week. A first for her!

A house/life/emotions update from Vicki.

Do you ever feel left out?

@busyphillips has a new book and it’s our pick for #theumcastreads this month!

Empathy! Can it be taught or is it only something you’re born with? If you can learn it, do you need to go through the same type of situation OR, fingers crossed, can we make ourselves imagine how someone else FEEEEEELS without completely understanding?

How do we know when we’re getting old? We have two clues and is it really happening? Did we pass the threshold?

It’s so soon! 
It’s so exciting! 
Election Day, YAY!!

Mommy story time! It’s fairly gross. You’ve all been there.

This Will Only Hurt a Little by Busy Phillips
Flexibility! Of all types.


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