Ep 57: Ch Ch Ch Changes

Childhood field trip memories - anyone else do a cool space one?

Remember last week when we didn’t have an episode up because LIFE IS CRAZY RIGHT NOW!?

If you want to have a silent auction one day, we spill the beans on all the details of Vicki’s experience.

Michells has A HOUSE UPDATE of her own!

Do we build up life milestones too much? Should we lower our expectations? Or are we just dead inside? ….

Let’s talk about the BLUE WAVE!

Instagram etiquette and the unfollowing of others. Just do it, we dare you.

What does traveling do to someone? How does it affect who we are?

#UMCastReads - We discuss Busy Phillips’ new book

TWL: Getting rid of THINGS! It FEELS SO GOOD. 
Michelle says Facebook Marketplace helps. Vicki says use OfferUp.


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