Ep 55: Just Get the Fuck Over It

Voting! It feels WAY different this election.


Being an adult is hard…and exhausting.

Having a third child and periods that take their time. Fun!

Where do you get your pregnancy tests? Where do you want to TAKE your test? Would you, could you, in a bowling alley?

When to announce a pregnancy? Where does the 12 week rule come from? Why do we follow it and what would life be like if we talked more openly about miscarriages and loss in general? Would it help or hurt our understanding of the human experience?

Hi, we love @girlsgonechild - if you’re not following her, get to it. She’s inspiring and just, rad.

Listener voicemail! Change and the resistance from others. Checking our emotions when others grow and expand. Let’s foster healthy relationships that give each other space to be whoever they choose to be.

More uncomfortable family interactions. We’re still trying to figure out how to react to get out point across without causing a big hullabaloo. But also, maybe a hullabaloo is necessary. Like, small, consistent hullabaloos all the time.

More listener feedback - a life or death warning! Cue dramatic gasp.

Given all the feelings and actions and different lives we lead, we try and remember that not much is black and white. There is A LOT of gray area. That’s where the grace and the nuance live.

And time matters. As time goes on, we change, we evolve, and that’s cool, man. So just get the fuck over it.

Why does deodorant have to be such a thing? Does it have to be this hard??

High waisted underwear! Moms, unite. 
Making a Murderer 2


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