Ep 52: A Big, Huge Announcement

KavaNOPE. This fool. Let’s discuss how gross this whole Supreme Court nominee bullshit is. 
And in case you’re wondering, Michelle gets her news from Instagram and it’s actually a really great source! @JessicaYellin


Opening ourselves up to being vocal about the things we believe in - especially to those closest to us. If we push the comfort levels, even a little, we can make a huge impact, collectively. Using our voices to promote equity takes practice and we might fail sometimes, but we must keep trying. This is hard for us too!

Good thing SNL exists to keep us laughing through all the trauma.

Onto Mom things! The 7 month old baby itch hath lifted and Michelle is sleeping again! This is how she’s doing it.

Being in the thick of it - in the trenches of child rearing - is a real thing. A sometimes terrifying thing. But luckily, we have Glennon Doyle on our side. If you are not following her, go right this second to Instagram and change that: @glennondoyle

Some feedback from recent episodes that we simply had to discuss. Did you have the same reactions, we wonder?

And then it was time for our BIG, HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! You’ll have to listen to find out. Lots to discuss.

Oral B 8000 Toothbrush - it’s fancy, ask your dentist about it
Thor Vegas


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