Ep 54: The Stories We Tell

Status update on the selling of Vicki’s home. 
There’s a bit of an RV life contemplation, fair warning. 
And a stationary life contemplation - is bigger better? Is more more? Life lessons and all that.

#theumcastreads book is: White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo - are you reading it too? Book club is coming up!

Our feminism MUST be intersectional.

On race: being in the middle, where do we most often identify, how has the systemic racism in this country impacted us?

Revisiting last week’s discussion on domestic violence, are women believed, and a personal story from a listener to give us perspective.

Did you know it’s almost time to vote??? November 6th! Are you registered? It’s so fun!! Do it!

There’s a proposition in CA about ending daylight savings time…what do we think?

On seeing people you kinda, sorta know in public - do we say hello? Do we run away? Do we give the polite don’t talk to me smile and nod? Why is life so hard???

When to have a third child? Will you know it’s time? Or does that feeling not come and you just have to go for it…?

To be vegan or not to be…in the RV

Lush’s Charity Pot Naked Body Lotion
Theorie Shampoo & Conditioner
Studio Blue Distressed Girlfriend Jeans

Oh, one last thing! - Chats with people of the religious inclination. It’s a jungle out there for us.


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