Ep 53: Family Matters

Facebook posts from family members that make us want to throw our phones across the room... What the hell are we supposed to do with these? How do we talk to those we love about how their opinions make us feel?

Tears are a sign of strength, crying is totally OK, showing emotion is human and it connects us all. Just a little reminder.

One of us was in a band, have we mentioned that? Can you guess which of us? Here's a clue: the band only had a MySpace page.

Celebrating all body types is important and wonderful. Are there moments where we go from wanting to celebrate to actually shaming one another? When do our assumptions become damaging?

And then we talk about how to argue again. Ha!

Vicki is moving! And in the process of staging her home, she had an epiphany about how we should all be enjoying our homes in the now.

An idea of what to do with all your stuff if you’re downsizing…ya know, to an RV or something.

Do you follow @ifyouhigh - it’s quite satisfying.

Speaking of being high…have you ever had to call your mom to come and be your DD on date night? That was cool.

A Star is Born and it’s soundtrack
Seasons! Fall! Autumn! It’s not been hot for like, 3 days!

Oh! Real quick, feedback check-in! We answer a listener question: Why does Vicki’s husband respond to both Brian AND Hank? You know you’ve wondered this one too.


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