Ep 16: Happy Day Off Work

The holidays are here and we're singing Christmas carols, spilling our gift wish lists, and making ourselves feel better about the anxiety, pressures, and expectations of the season. We're fun! Speaking of fun, holiday blues, do you feel that or is it just us? And since social media heightens all things, we talk about the silly and frustrating things in that universe as well. Why do we do all the ridiculous social media things that we do? WHY?? Addiction, probably. There will be game show discussions and Vicki's solution for greed. Oh, and she's practically royalty now so practice ye curtseys.

People we talk about in this episode: 
Meghan Markle
Catt Sadler
Andy Cohen - duh
John Mayer - double duh
Kristen Bell
Jay Hernandez

All we really want for Christmas is YOU. And maybe all your friends to listen, subscribe, rate, and review our humble podcast. Thanks Santa Babies!


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